Tune Transformer Features


Tune TransFormer helps you learn songs by slowing them down, as well as putting them in a key that you can easily play or sing. Once you have mastered your part, you can speed the song back up until you can go through the song at full speed, but still keep the song in your favorite key. If you want to really polish your chops, you can run the tempo even faster than the original song.

Tune TransFormer uses a unique cuing bar that lets you quickly navigate to any point in the song while listening to the audio, so you can find a particular passage easily. Once you try it, you’ll love it. You can also mark particular passages in the song that you can instantly jump to, using Tune TransFormer’s tab keys. Your location marks will stay with the song as long as it is kept in the Tune TransFormer song library.

If there is a particularly difficult passage in the song, you can set Tune TransFormer to loop on that passage. You can slow the tempo way down in the loop, and work on your part while Tune TransFormer plays that tough passage slowly, over and over. When you get all the notes down you can speed the song back up, until you can play the passage at full speed.

Tune TransFormer’s fine tuning feature also allows you to tune any song exactly to your instrument, even if your instrument isn’t set to a standard pitch.

Tune TransFormer is perfect for music students as well as musicians.  Enhance to learn; practice to master; through Tune TransFormer!

Check out the TT demo video!


 Tune TransFormer allows you to:

* Build a list of tunes, and select one for TransForming.

* Raise or lower the song pitch (key) up to 24 semi-tones or two octaves; with 1/20 of a semi-tone precision, without changing the song’s tempo. This is significantly more pitch range and accuracy than any other apps out there.

* Slow down the song speed (tempo) to 1/10 of its normal speed, or increase it up to 4 times its normal speed, without changing the song’s key. Again, this is a much wider speed range than anything else out there.

* Quickly and accurately mark and jump to song positions

* Use the Cue bar to quickly navigate and locate a song passage while listening to the audio. This unique navigation tool makes it easy to find a specific part of a song, quickly.

* Continuously loop all or any part of a song via the Play Control Panel. 

Important Notes

  * Tune TransFormer can play WAV (44kHz), AIFF, MP3, and M4A, formatted files

 * Tune TransFormer cannot access Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected files.

Compatible with:

* iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad

* Requires iOS 4.0 or later

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