Tune Transformer

Transform Your Tunes Your Way!

Wrong Key?

Are you trying to learn a song, but the vocals are just too high?  

Tune TransFormer can help. 

You can lower the song's key (and the vocals) a few steps, and to put the vocals right in your range.

Too Fast?

Does that guitar riff go by too fast to catch all the notes?  

Tune TransFormer can come to your rescue. 

Slow down that fast guitar solo so you can catch all the notes and practice them.

Transform It!

Need to practice a riff over and over? 

Tune TransFormer can keep repeating a part slowly, so you can get all the notes. Then you can speed the part up ‘till you can hit it at full speed. 

Tune TransFormer lets you do all of that. 


Jordan Rudess - Dream Theater

 "Tune Transformer is a fantastic app for anyone who would like to change pitch and time of an audio file. Extremely flexible and powerful and a super learning tool for any musician!"

Wow! You need this!

"Just got the new version for IOS 5.1. If you ever rehearse using backing tracks, you need this app! Most karaoke key changers sound awful if you change keys more than 2 steps. I've gone 6 steps up and down with no warble sound! Same with the speed change. No distortion at 50% or 150% speed. I've used Sound Forge to change keys and it is great but this is just as good for a lot less money! Absolutely the best! "

Great App !

" Tune Transformer is a great app. It allows me to slow songs down and change the pitch so that I
can play chords on my guitar from my Beatles song book in the same key as the music on my iPhone. This gives me time to change chords and not fall behind, as I am a beginner at playing the guitar. It's making learning more fun."